Plasterers Arms,


The project location lies close to the junction of the Headington and Marston Roads, within the Northern zone of the St Clement's and Iffley Road Conservation Area of Oxford.


After a thorough investigation and contextual analysis of the site and surrounding area, a series of initial massing studies and sketch proposals was prepared to explore the various limitations and opportunities presented by the site and its context. Using the latest computer aided design, modelling and visualisation tools, these initial proposals were developed in three dimensions to allow a complete understanding of the scheme’s layout and external appearance.


The techniques employed by the architects ensured a complete integration of the three-dimensional design, development and visualisation processes. This seamless integration has proved to be especially crucial within tight urban locations where innovative solutions are required to ensure that available space on brownfield sites is maximised, whilst satisfying the various criteria of massing and orientation, daylight and overlooking issues.