Why Use an Architect

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You may find it frustrating to spend some of your budget planning your project rather than investing every penny in the build. But, you can save time, money and avoid a considerable amount of stress and disappointment later on, by engaging the experience and knowledge of an experienced architect. 

Here’s just a few reasons why we think you shouldn’t build or develop a house without us.

Start at the beginning… 

Whether you’re faced with a greenfield site, or a modern, historic or listed building – the best place to start is at the beginning – with an architect. Perhaps you already have a fabulous vision of what you want to achieve, or just a vague idea that perhaps some more space might be useful? 

Using an architect can help inject fresh ideas to improve your concept, identify and solve potential issues (large or small) and ensure that all the details are given the attention they deserve. 

A good architect will have the knowledge and experience to help you develop your vision into a design that meets your requirements, ensure that your build meets the latest planning and building control regulations, and aims to exceed your expectations.

At the design phase, your architect will be able to advise you on choice of materials that are suitable for your build. They will have knowledge of the latest products on the market and may well specify particular brands that your builder should use. This is especially important for period properties where you will almost certainly want to use materials that are sympathetic to the existing design. It also helps when you are comparing quotes from different builders; you can be sure that you are comparing like-for-like and a quote isn’t coming in cheaper because one builder is offering inferior materials.

Scheduling and managing contractors

Developing or fundamentally changing the structure of your property often involves co-ordinating and managing a multitude of contractors. With detailed and accurate architectural plans in place from the start, you will be able to give clear direction to your builder about what they are required to do and when they need to do it. 

This is especially important when you are working on historic or listed properties where contractors welcome a detailed brief and clear guidance to ensure that they fully understand the sensitivities within the building.

Poor planning or lack of direction can result in unexpected problems, which not only have a knock-on effect on your schedule but are also likely to eat into your budget.

The value of an architect

Architects are an invaluable part of any team developing or constructing properties. By engaging an experienced and fully qualified architect early on you are investing in a service that reduces the risk of the build exceeding your budget. Your architect will work with you to create a design that works for you. They will use their experience to steer you away from specifying features that you may later come to regret. They will see the ‘big picture’ and take care of the detail for you. In short, you should see the money you spend on an architect as part of the investment in your build – not a cost.

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