Residential Developments - Other

Woodfield Brady Architects regularly provide feasibility and pre-application studies for potential residential development sites in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Wiltshire.

Our experience in presenting initial designs to local planning authorities provides clients with a invaluable guidance as to the likelihood of planning success.
Such proposals are often supported by a rich mix of conventional drawings and perspective sketches (artists impressions) and 3D computer modelling, in order to highlight the project merits and allay any neighbour concerns.

Our detailed design development always aims to maximise the residential development potential of any given site, whilst recognising and working with current planning policy and other statutory designations such as Listed Building status, Conservation Areas and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs).

Previous residential developments have been recognised at local and national level, including Design for Homes exhibition of excellence and Local Authority Building Awards (Blankstones Farm, Eynsham 2012)

We are always happy to offer initial consultations relating to potential residential developments, free of charge and in strictest confidence.

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Residential Developments - Other